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Sunday, November 20, 2011


/radical modernism

"A reaffirmation of the idealistic roots of our modernity, adjusted to include more of our diverse culture, history, research and fantasy."

"We had become experts who suggest how other people can project a visual impression that reflects who they think they are. And we have deceived ourselves into thinking that the modernization service we supply has the same integrity as service to the public good."

-Dan Friedman
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Done. Better.

Last year, my sustainability group, for a class called transformation design which deals social advocacy projects, created a giant plastic bag which we were able to fly over the West Side park in Manhattan. We were affected and appalled by the scary facts we came across in our research and decided to incorporate that info onto our piece. So, "Million A Minute" (the amount of bags being used world wide) became our counter message.

The Bag flew for about 15 mins until it tared apart allowing us to explore some others ways of interacting with it.. The secret life of bags on facebook was a way for us to promote our message and get people to engage on the project.

Our plans for the future were to make it "CNN-BIG", as Mr. Bruce Mau cleverly put it during his visit at Pratt, kindly taking the time to review our project. The idea was to send it around the world, get people to add onto it and create a huge piece that could float above us as a reminder of the immensity of waste that we are all responsible for.

BUT, we found THIS!!!

Museo Aero Solar


So god damm amazing...


Dave Eggers is a Superhero

This Superhero store in Brooklyn is actually the secret identity for an after school writing program. Writer Dave Eggers is the mastermind behind this nobel creative effort.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sophie Blackall released a book called Missed Connections that compiles illustrated representations of craiglist's missed connections posts.

This one feels like a dream!