Monday, November 1, 2010

Power Homes Data Visualization

Power Homes - Theme Evolution

1) Color/texture mood board
Power Homes colors are Blue, Green and white. Being an environmentally friendly, alternative source of energy, the color blue, often associated with stability and trust, stands for reliability and dependability. As a rather new product, the white represents contemporary times. Considered to be the color of perfection, it also gives this new proposal a sense of purity and goodness. The green stands for sustainability and makes a remark on the fact that is a renewable energy source.
The images are a solar panel (the main piece of the puzzle), people's hands reaching sunlight and luscious greens.

2) Soundscape
The soundscape represents the way the energy from the sun enters a homes (through its solar panels) transforming the place into an independent power station.

3) Feedback from social network
Through, I was able to discover what are the preconceptions and assumptions people have about solar energy systems. Mainly, people are concerned that it would be too expensive to switch their homes to a solar system or they don't even know that it is an option and how effective it can be. I was able to confirm that an educational platform that holistically explains what solar energy is and how people could benefit from it, is the way to go.