Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Performance Platform

On July 14th, Kiosko Art Gallery in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, presented seven artists who performed in several locations around the downtown area (including parks, streets and the central plaza) surprising the passerby and offering an out-of-the-ordinary afternoon for the locals. TOP// Bolivian artist Douglas Rodrigo Rada. BOTTOM// Mexican artist Roberto de la Torre, who restored a ripped Santa Cruz flag with the help of the spectators previously hanging around the park (including me). Some unexpected patriotism came afloat!

"I came here out of curiosity"

This summer, I've been working on these oversized posters about immigration issues for  what moves you along with Gala Narezo and Shamina de Gonaga. We presented a few pieces at the Wassaic Project and got featured on The Village Voice blog.

Very exciting!!!